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Travel Bugs

Geocaching update.

A few things have happened in the past month geocaching wise. I have purchase some nano and micro containers so should start putting out some new caches soon. I’ve actually replaced my Seen Any Princes geocache in downtown Dublin this morning so that went back online again.

Unfortunately one of my travelbugs – a double blank domino went missing when the geocache that it was in also went missing. It’s a shame as the bug had put on a fairly decent 2386 miles.

I have resurrected one of my travelbugs – IT that went missing some time back. This time it has appeared as a Travelbug on the back of the car. It will be interesting to see who first spots it and where – whether it’s logged at a cache, an event or in day to day driving.

Still not got the impetus to go out and geocache – work has been very hectic recently so I just want to relax and do nothing at the weekend!

New 2007 Jeep Travelbug

The 2007 Jeep travelbug arrived in the post last night. Looks really neat. I have plans to go out to a special cache on Friday with Team JnLe4 and looking forward to getting some good “action” photos before I leave it in the cache.
Nottely River Travel Bug (by absoblogginlutely)

2007 Jeep signup

This year the jeep travelbugs are red and you can sign up to receive one to put out in your nearby cache. I’ve requested one so will hopefully get one. It seemed to work ok with the diabetes travel bugs and this way also means that I will get to see at least one Jeep – I never got to log the first yellow jeeps but did manage to get a couple of the white ones when they came out – they were bigger than I was expecting.

New geocoins arrived

The new UK geocoins arrived in the post yesterday and they look really nice. It will be interesting to see how long they last in the wild. They are trackable on the geocaching.com website too so will give you a new icon to your statistics 🙂
The thriving geocoins community have really come up with some stunning designs – I am very impressed.

A tb on its way to me.

Matt Waggie has released a domino that I gave out at my UK leaving do as a Travel Bug that has a goal of getting back to me in the US – how cool is that?

White Jeep TB found

Got my first white Jeep TB today, pipere at Here’s the beef, a cache I’d already done. Seeing as though I’d not actually had a yellow TB this one had to be captured for a while. Its huge and will hopefully fit in my new cache (which will NOT be a film container as it won’t fit.