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A cache!

I actually got to go out and do some geocaching this evening as the weather was so nice. Unfortunately I only found one cache, Wyandot Trading Post due to the number of muggles at the other caches I tried to do. However I posted some pictures at flickr and whilst doing this I noticed that the time on the gps was wrong as it hadn’t updated automatically. I thought that the gps’s got their time from satellites (which I still think they do) but they don’t know that Daylight Saving has kicked in. Once I turned it on in the gps the time was correct. I also had to change the time on the camera, but that was because it was set to 8.24am and not 8.24pm which meant the process of geotagging the images was very painful.
I did upgrade my gps by using the Garmin Web Updater which upgraded me 4 versions of firmware – some of the newer garmin gps’s have new firmware available.

Garmin support =not good.

The Legend GPS arrived last night and I eagerly tried to install the software – installing the software on the computer worked great – unfortunately the product activation does not work and I can’t install the maps to the gps. The activation runs through the process, tells me there is an unlock code, but doesn’t actually unlock it. Garmin’s phone support is only open 8-5 – whilst I am working which is useless if they want me to try various things on the computer as I’m not going to be there.
I managed to get lunch at home today so called them – there’s currently a 30 minute wait. So I thought i’d email them – their autoreply on the website states that the response time is 5-7 business days! What sort of response is that to customers? I’ve purchased software that i want to use NOW – not next week.
If you are going to do product activation like Microsoft does, then at least have the support to provide activation 24/7 so your customers can use something they have paid for.