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pocket queries

Cacheberry for caching with the blackberry.

Currently I use a 8 or 9 year old Dell Axim for my paperless caching which has served me really well but it’s yet another device that I need to keep charged and carry around with me whilst geocaching. I’m about to go caching for the day today starting with the Pi day Party and then hitting about another 10 or so caches with Team JNle4 – yes, I have dragged him out of retirement too!

Anyway, I wondered if there was a geocaching application for the blackberry (work phone) and discovered Cacheberry which looks like it has an offline database, the ability to export field notes via email and also integration with google and blackberry maps.  So today I’ll be using this app and I’ll let you know how I got on.

Pocket queries do not have to be activated anymore!

At last, the temporary solution for pocket queries has been turned off and you don’t need to reactivate pq’s every time they are run. This was beginning to be really annoying.

Pocket Query problem at gc

Just a heads up that any pocket queries that you may have running need to be checked manually via email to click on a link enclosed with the email to ensure they run again next week. This is due a capacity problem at groundspeak and they are hoping that people who don’t read the emails won’t click on the links to renew the cache. This works if you base your argument on “those who don’t read the emails don’t need the query” but ignores the fact that if you have gsak downloading the emails then you don’t need to read them.