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Cache locations

Peanuts playground next Sunday?

It looks like there is another group of cachers going to do Peanuts Playground next Sunday – hopefully I’ll be able to join them and by then I’ll be up to 799 caches so this will be my 800th.  I got out to do several caches this morning and enjoyed the walks – I even climbed a tree for one of them this morning so that will be good practise for next weekend.

If you’re interested then drop a note on the Cache page (or let me know here) and I’ll see you Sunday

Another 11 caches in North Carolina

The weather today was meant to be overcast and cloudy today so I was hoping to get out and do some caching without overheating. An early start this morning meant I was able to get out and do another 10 11 caches in North Carolina.  All caches were pretty unique with interesting hides or hikes to the cache. There were a couple of caches I was unable to do – one was due to the fact there were about 10 people crabbing right at the geocache spot but all was not lost as I was able to take some photos of an Osprey on the nest and another Osprey tearing into a fish – sounds gruesome but was cool and none graphic photos at the extreme end of the zoom are uploaded to flickr and tagged with the geocache code GC1RMWR. I also got two geocoins, two DNF’s and two notes as I was unable to search due to people in the vicinity of the cache.

Long time since I’ve posted!

And it’s actually been a long time since I went geocaching. The last time I went caching was in December 07 – I almost can’t believe it’s been that long! I remember that day was really nice and TeamJNle4 and I got several caches in. This time I was caching by myself during our holiday in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  I had tried to get Afton Mountain Multi but for some reason my coordinates were putting me in the middle of an open space and nowhere near where a cache was likely to be hidden.  Kristen was pretty anxious to get going (and this cache had meant 3 stops along the road already) so I reluctantly agreed to carry on. It was actually really hot outside so it was a relief to get back into the air conditioned car.

When we got to North Carolina, we had some free time in the second week so I checked the caches that were available and found that one of the caches (Dare County Water Project) hadn’t been found yet – a chance to get a first to find – this couldn’t be missed. I got all scratched up trying to find this cache as I was wearing shorts but it was a really good hunt.  The cache owner has hidden some very clever hides in the vicinity and I managed to get several of his caches done whilst on holiday.

I’ve now got some travel bugs and there are still plenty of new geocaches nearby that I’ve not found so hopefully I’ll get the chance to get out and do some caching in Ohio this year.

New cache icon!

As part of the Central Ohio Geocachers meet today, we all went to the March to the Arch webcam cache and Kristen took the photo. As this is the first webcam that I’ve had a chance to log I got another icon on my Stats
Thanks luv!