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Long time no cache or post on here!

It’s been a long time since I geocached – according to the statistics, my longest slump of 306 days without geocaching is now over.  There have been several reasons I’ve not cached but I think I’ve started to come out of retirement. A couple of unique cache opportunities and events got me out and back with the caching bug again.

Since the  last post I was able to find Peanuts Playground – a really cool multi cache with a couple of tree climbs but nothing that difficult (compared to others that I have now done) and on the same day do several stages of the now archived Dozer’s domain. There were only 2 stages that I didn’t complete – both because I didn’t have the energy after the other 3 stages and Peanuts AND because it looked pretty scary!  Nowadays I think I would have the guts and with some borrowed equipment I would probably be able to do it if it was still in place.

Just recently at the end of August I completed a 10 hour search for my fifth 5/5 geocache, appropriately enough 5-5-5 and had an awesome time. I took the day off work, the weather was gorgeous and we had great fun yomping through forests, abseiling and kayaking on some lakes – highly recommended. We also got to do a couple of other caches on the route too for an added bonus. Some of the pictures (that don’t contain spoilers) are on my facebook album here

The beginning of this month I was able to meet up with about 60+ geocachers to do Climbing 102+, the second in hopefully a yearly event on climbing trees. Got to use an ascender and a good old gregory to come back down again. 40 people climbed the ropes and signed the log book which is a great achievement. Many people are on facebook so I was also able to make quite a few new friends on facebook too. It was neat to see people of all ages doing the climbs – some of the kids were pretty fearless. My pictures from this event are on facebook here

Not sure what I am up to next, although this month I hope to get a cache or two in Texas which will add another state to my caching stats (and probably my hottest cache trip ever) and I’ve discovered another cool tunnel cache in the local area that I hope to do at some point too.  As fall is coming out, the tree cover will change to be a beautiful color and then the leaves fall to make it easier in the woods for satellite signal so hopefully so more caching days are in the near future.

Cache found.

Was finally able to find GC1X53G which had me falling out of a tree at the first stage as per my previous blog post. The final stage was a lot easier.

700th cache milestone – Jockeys Ridge.

Geocaching.Com stat bar showing 700 geocaches found

I finally got around to my 700th geocache today – an earthcache at Jockeys Ridge. I uploaded some photos from the cache to the cache webpage and a couple of others to my flickr account under the cache name, GC13F27

In order to log this cache I had to climb to the top of a huge sand dune that is roughly the height of a four story building (apparently).  Thankfully it was slightly overcast today, but still hot (the car registered 82 degrees) and I think I suffered from mild heatstroke as I really did not feel well after I got back to the car.  Thanks to Kristen for taking care of me!

There were two reasons I wanted to make this cache my 700th – one was due to it being at Jockey’s Ridge – this is the site of my hang gliding lesson in 2001 which I thoroughly enjoyed (but again got heatstroke – will I ever learn?) and so I uploaded a picture of me gliding as part of the cache log for GC13F27.

The other reason I wanted to do this cache is that it’s an earthcache. From the geocaching website :-

An EarthCache is a special place that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature or aspect of our Earth. EarthCaches include a set of educational notes and the details about where to find the location (latitude and longitude). Visitors to EarthCaches can see how our planet has been shaped by geological processes, how we manage the resources and how scientists gather evidence to learn about the Earth. For more information about EarthCaches, visit http://www.earthcache.org/.

These caches are pretty rare and are also pretty neat. So far I’ve found 4 in three states – OH,NC and NY which means I need to find 2 more AND place an earthcache and then I’ll be a Silver EarthCache Master (ooh-er). I’m not sure how likely that is to happen, as these geological processes are not very common, but we’ll see.

North Carolina Caching.

We’re currently in North Carolina on holiday and I’ve yet to go geocaching. Unfortunately it’s pretty warm outside and my hayfever is really acting up. I managed to get to a Travel Bug hotel on the journey down here but that quick stroll through the grass made me sneeze for about 2 hours straight – not much fun when driving down the highway.

Anyway, I’m really close to my 700th find, (hovering at 695) so I’m hoping for a good couple of half days caching coming up and I’ll post on here when I get that far.

As far as this web site is concerned I’ve made a couple of tweaks, hopefully so that those of you reading this site in their feedreader will start to get updates again. For some reason, the feed had broken. Hopefully this is now fixed again.

Long time since I’ve posted!

And it’s actually been a long time since I went geocaching. The last time I went caching was in December 07 – I almost can’t believe it’s been that long! I remember that day was really nice and TeamJNle4 and I got several caches in. This time I was caching by myself during our holiday in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  I had tried to get Afton Mountain Multi but for some reason my coordinates were putting me in the middle of an open space and nowhere near where a cache was likely to be hidden.  Kristen was pretty anxious to get going (and this cache had meant 3 stops along the road already) so I reluctantly agreed to carry on. It was actually really hot outside so it was a relief to get back into the air conditioned car.

When we got to North Carolina, we had some free time in the second week so I checked the caches that were available and found that one of the caches (Dare County Water Project) hadn’t been found yet – a chance to get a first to find – this couldn’t be missed. I got all scratched up trying to find this cache as I was wearing shorts but it was a really good hunt.  The cache owner has hidden some very clever hides in the vicinity and I managed to get several of his caches done whilst on holiday.

I’ve now got some travel bugs and there are still plenty of new geocaches nearby that I’ve not found so hopefully I’ll get the chance to get out and do some caching in Ohio this year.

Ohio Delorme Challenge

The Ohio Delorme geocache requires a visit to each cache in the Delorme atlas for Ohio but only visits after the cache was placed will count towards the cache find. Once a cache has been found on each page you then get the co-ordinates for the final cache hidden somewhere in Ohio.

With the aid of a KML file, the recent finds pocket query, GSAK and Google earth it is quite easy to work out which pages you need to do.

First download the Ohio Delorme KML file from the main cache page, GCZ554. Next download Google Earth (if you don’t already have it already. Finally  you want a .loc file of all your finds since the 2nd of December 2006 when the cache was placed.  The easiest way to do this is to download your latest finds into GSAK, then using the filters set State=Ohio, Found=Yes, Date=On or After 12/2/2006.  I saved the filter as Delorme so I can run this whenever I need to check my status.

Screenshot - 7_21_2007 , 5_31_23 PM Screenshot - 7_21_2007 , 5_31_12 PM Screenshot - 7_21_2007 , 5_31_16 PMScreenshot - 7_21_2007 , 5_31_47 PM   

In Google earth open the KML file and then open the loc file  to see the caches appear in gridlines for each page. You may want to turn off extra options and layers such as road names, community uploaded content etc. This will give you a cleaner picture. Screenshot - 7_21_2007 , 5_32_03 PM

The picture above shows the gridlines and the picture below shows my found caches so far. I’ve actually found quite a few other pages but unfortunately they were before the cache was placed so they don’t count.

 Screenshot - 7_21_2007 , 5_32_55 PM

So far I’ve found pages 45-48,55-59,65 and 67-69

Meanwhile TeamJNLe4 completed all the pages yesterday and now just has to go for the final cache – congrats Jonathan!

Another cache night

Had a great time tonight doing 3 caches, although one was actually a dnf. The cache in question is Tiger Den and I’ve posted some pictures in the extended entry (as opposed to the cache page) due to the possible spoiler nature – even if the cache is missing, this is well worth going to do.


A cache!

I actually got to go out and do some geocaching this evening as the weather was so nice. Unfortunately I only found one cache, Wyandot Trading Post due to the number of muggles at the other caches I tried to do. However I posted some pictures at flickr and whilst doing this I noticed that the time on the gps was wrong as it hadn’t updated automatically. I thought that the gps’s got their time from satellites (which I still think they do) but they don’t know that Daylight Saving has kicked in. Once I turned it on in the gps the time was correct. I also had to change the time on the camera, but that was because it was set to 8.24am and not 8.24pm which meant the process of geotagging the images was very painful.
I did upgrade my gps by using the Garmin Web Updater which upgraded me 4 versions of firmware – some of the newer garmin gps’s have new firmware available.

Newport Kentucky

Kristen and I had the day off so I tried to find a couple of geocaches – but unfortunately one was unreachable as they were doing work on the bridge, and the other one was just hidden too well (or missing).
I did manage to find the virtual peace Bell, but then as its about 30′ high it is a bit difficult to not be able to find it. We originally heard the bell chiming at midday but when I went to see the bell later in the day they were actually testing the bell so I got to see it in action and heard it chiming and chiming and chiming – I feel sorry for anyone who actually worked in the vicinity, especially if they were working nights. I did manage to get a video with the camera of the bell which I’ve uploaded to YouTube
On the way home from Cincinatti today I had the gps on the dashboard of the car tracking our journey. I turned around to get something out of the back seat and there was a bang – the gps had fallen off the dashboard to the floor – I didn’t think that was a problem as it has fallen on the floor before. However, as we got out of the car I picked the GPS up and the screen had cracked AND it had also damaged the LCD crystals so I now have a functional gps but no screen that I can actually use.
I’m going to be looking for a new gps now – the garmin autorouting ones look great (but expensive) – in the meantime I’ll just have to cache with some buddies and use their gps.


 Found my 400th cache yesterday – a great day out caching – thanks for the company Team Lefor!