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June, 2005:

Google maps of found caches

With a bit of help from the gpsbabel mailing list, I’ve now been able to work out how to use the google maps api and the main page of this blog now shows all the caches that I have done around my home. As I find more and more caches then I’ll have to start the page zoomed out a bit more 🙂

Feed script fixed

Updated the latest found script this morning after I noticed it wasn’t working. The weird thing is that it was breaking on a temporarily disabled cache which had the <strike> tags around it. By removing the strikes and changing it to “temporarily disabled” the script now worked (but the temporarily disabled cache does not appear on the list as I only display the last 10!)

Friday finds.

I woke up early on Friday, checked the geocaching website and there was a new cache near me – Well,Well,Well which had not been found. A quick load of the gpx onto the pocketpc, the coordinates punched into the gps and I jumped into the car to go find it. I think it took me longer to find the carparking space that it did to find the cache. It was well (haha) hidden but I eventually found it. Opening the lid, there were quite a few goodies, probably freebies from reps of people visiting the hider but I didn’t mind and came away with a nice First To Find prize of a pen. Nice and heavy with a blue neon type light if you push the pen top.
I also managed, at my third attempt, to find Jeff’s puzzle #1. This cache had plagued me for a while as I just could not find it. My streets and trips drawings gave me about 4 different places to search and when I was on the ground, there were loads of places a cache could be hidden. On my second visit I used the projection capabilities of the gps and was confused to see that one of the points was about 5 miles away from where I was standing. I went back home, ran some more projections in the gps and plotted them onto street and trips, and again came up with two points 5.6 miles apart….hmmmmm.
After a tipoff I used a palm emulator to solve the problem and with some coordinates that now matched from both sets of projections I went back to the site on Friday evening and found the cache.
So Friday was a good day – but now I have 1 temporarily archived cache and 4 multi’s in my nearest 10 unfound. So the next lot of caches will take slightly longer to do.

Keyhole and caching.

Wow – by using the google keyhole software and gsak it is possible to extract data from gsak and create a kml file to import and see a satellite overview of all the caches.
You just need to save the custom export field as
“C:\Program Files\GSAK\GPSBabel.exe” -i gpx -f “c:\program files\gsak\temp\babel.gpx” -o kml -F c:\temp\25.kml

New puzzle cache placed

I placed my new cache, 5r3bmuN y8 gn1tn14P this morning. Will be interesting to see how long it takes people to find it after it has been reviewed. It’s not currently live. This is a puzzle cache which I hope is fiendishly hard to keep some people occupied for a while.