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July, 2005:

Delaware county maps

DALIS-View Map Server contains information on land within Delaware county, great for seeing which land is public.
The Franklin county (dublin) version is here

Cachebag website

Cachebag’s website is now fully functional and it looks like a nice product. It will be interesting to see if any other photos of cachebag make it to flickr.

White Jeep TB found

Got my first white Jeep TB today, pipere at Here’s the beef, a cache I’d already done. Seeing as though I’d not actually had a yellow TB this one had to be captured for a while. Its huge and will hopefully fit in my new cache (which will NOT be a film container as it won’t fit.

Jeff’s #2

Plook asked if I wanted to join him and some others in going to do encrypted cache and Jeff’s #2. The answer was yes of course, so we headed on down there this afternoon. Had a good time finding the cache which was easy to find when you know what you are doing. I’m glad I had confirmed my coordinates though – a 136′ error (which I had initially) would not have helped in finding the cache.


GeoCalc is an excellent tool for converting locations and also for measuring distances and projecting waypoints. It solved a particular puzzle cache for me in about 2 mins as opposed to about 2 hours using Microsoft Street and Trips

Here’s the Beef finally found

Finally managed to solve Heres the Beef. This puzzle cache has taken forever to solve (almost a month) and it was only when i saw a new alteration to the cache page that it confirmed I was on the right lines to solving it and it actually sped the solution up. I went and found it in some nice woods this morning and was relieved that noone else had got there first. The annoying thing is that I was *this* close to solving the puzzle yesterday afternoon but was really struggling with the placement of numbers. A good puzzle but I don’t think the rest of Dublin are up to this standard of hiding puzzles yet as only one person has found mine and I’m the first to find this cache.