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September, 2005:

Cache planning along a route in Autoroute

If you export your gsak caches into Streets & Trips/Autoroute, create a route and then use the Show or Hide places option you can get a list of caches along your trip. I’ve made a rough tutorial online

Pocket queries do not have to be activated anymore!

At last, the temporary solution for pocket queries has been turned off and you don’t need to reactivate pq’s every time they are run. This was beginning to be really annoying.

2 caches placed this morning

I placed 2 micros this morning, Crock of Gold? and Lake Placid Haiku. Currently pending reviewer status, these two micros are slightly different than the normal ones. The first cache needs a su doku solving to get the coordinates, and the second cache requires the online log to be written as a haiku.
I don’t normally put out micros if I can help it, but as I’m short on cash a micro is a cheap alternative and I have tried to put them in fairly nice locations. One is in a playground and the other has a nice view at sunset.

Webcam from a mobile phone

Using the form at El Achimo you can ring a german phone number on your mobile (should be no charge as the phone is not answered) and it will capture the photo of the webcam.

A tb on its way to me.

Matt Waggie has released a domino that I gave out at my UK leaving do as a Travel Bug that has a goal of getting back to me in the US – how cool is that?