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July, 2006:

More Caching maps

I’ve fiddled around with my google maps and now have the following two maps (that will be added to the sidebar). Firstly I have my UK finds and also my US finds, centred around Ohio. Both of these maps actually use the same set of data, the zoom and centre location is just set to show the UK and Ohio respectively. As the locationless caches distort the location of the caches that have been found I have also amended the data to not show locationless caches anymore.
Note that each map will open in a new window and you will need a screen resolution capable of showing 1000*800 characters. You will have to wait a few seconds after the screen has loaded for google to display the results.

Garmin support =not good.

The Legend GPS arrived last night and I eagerly tried to install the software – installing the software on the computer worked great – unfortunately the product activation does not work and I can’t install the maps to the gps. The activation runs through the process, tells me there is an unlock code, but doesn’t actually unlock it. Garmin’s phone support is only open 8-5 – whilst I am working which is useless if they want me to try various things on the computer as I’m not going to be there.
I managed to get lunch at home today so called them – there’s currently a 30 minute wait. So I thought i’d email them – their autoreply on the website states that the response time is 5-7 business days! What sort of response is that to customers? I’ve purchased software that i want to use NOW – not next week.
If you are going to do product activation like Microsoft does, then at least have the support to provide activation 24/7 so your customers can use something they have paid for.

New cache placed.

I hid my newest cache on Friday – Exudation named after the original cache Effusion5 that I found on 5/5/05. Whilst out caching with Plook I also managed to find his Maized and confused cache that was supposedly missing – and all without a gps too!

Ohio Historical Markers

Although there was a locationless for Ohio Historical markers, I’ve noticed that the Ohio Historical Society now have a geocaching page detailing some caches they’ve placed and a policy too.