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June, 2007:

New 2007 Jeep Travelbug

The 2007 Jeep travelbug arrived in the post last night. Looks really neat. I have plans to go out to a special cache on Friday with Team JnLe4 and looking forward to getting some good “action” photos before I leave it in the cache.
Nottely River Travel Bug (by absoblogginlutely)

GSAK 7 beta and stats

I ran a test installation of gsak 7 on my pc this week. The main reason for this was to install the statistics macro to generate the stats for my geocaching finds. There were a few prerequisites below – links point to the download page rather than the actual file to ensure new updates get downloaded.
First download the cutting edge, most feature packed aka beta version of Gsak 7.
Install the latest patch to bring you up to 7.1 build 64
Finally download the
FindstatGenv3 and whilst you are at it, I would highly recommend the Google Maps export macro too that produces a very cool google maps interfaces to caches.
Once you have downloaded and run the Stats macro, I recommend you download your “My finds” pocket query from Geocaching.com and save the results into a temporary GSAK database. This means the macro has less work to do as it only has to look through one log – yours. Even if you don’t do this the results are outstanding. The stats generation used to take 4 minutes to run in version2 of the macro – it now takes 20 seconds! The output can be seen at my Geocaching.com profile (although this is using the old version stats -I’ve not uploaded the new ones yet)

2007 Jeep signup

This year the jeep travelbugs are red and you can sign up to receive one to put out in your nearby cache. I’ve requested one so will hopefully get one. It seemed to work ok with the diabetes travel bugs and this way also means that I will get to see at least one Jeep – I never got to log the first yellow jeeps but did manage to get a couple of the white ones when they came out – they were bigger than I was expecting.

Geocaching greasemonkey scripts

If you have firefox and greasemonkey installed (and if not why not?) then check out the greasemonkey scripts at Locusprime that enhance some of the website pages. There are some really nice enhancements here – I’ll leave you to go search the site and start enhancing your cache viewing.
LilDevil also has a couple of greasemonkey scripts for caching too (some of the scripts overlap each other)