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July, 2009:

Extreme Dominoes?

About a week ago, the Andy Capp cartoon was very appropriate for my geocaching adventures (although I don’t swear).
Andy Capp and Extreme Dominoes.
My geocaching profile has the following picture on it.
Extreme Dominoes by Domheknows
I’ve been asked about my Extreme Dominoes photo a couple of times so I thought that the publication of this cartoon would be a good way to kick off the story –
We had been doing a series of caches that involved collecting dominoes and dice as we walked around the country park. At the end of about 7 stages, one of the puzzles involved laying all the dominoes together as if you playing dominoes and then adding the numbers at either end of the sequence. As we were trying to get the solution worked out, I grabbed my box of signature item dominoes out and we laid them on the ground to ensure we were doing it correctly. (As it turned out there were two possible answers – we got the *other* one). As we were doing this, in a middle of a public footpath, so more walkers wandered past and gave us a funny look. One of the people in the team shouted out “Extreme Dominoes” to them and they nodded their heads as if that explained everything and carried on.
For those of you who have not heard of Extreme Ironing (which is where the comment was based) then visit the Extreme Ironing Website with more links and videos than you can imagine.

Peanut’s Playground

Reading through the logs at Peanut’s Playground, this sounds like another cache that is worth doing. At the moment I’m weighing up the advantages of waiting a bit for the ticks and bugs to die down and for it to be cooler vs the disadvantages of not being one of the few who have done the cache and the cache getting archived or muggled before I have a chance to go and do it. If you are interested in joining as a team to do this then let me know – it certainly looks like a cache that needs more than one person to do it.

Snoogan’s Quantum Leap Cache in Texas.

GCHRVB, the 5/5 difficulty Quantum Leap is not a cache I am likely to ever do, but it is one that has some great entertaining log reads – well worth adding this to your watchlist.