made. my. day.

June 4th, 2010

now this is the advertising that I’m paying for on the wonderful knitting website Ravelry — and yes… the ad is a bit plain and rough, but look at the size of it — so many other of the ads in that rotation you can’t even read the words, nor do they grab your attention…. and that was my plan for the design… simple, eye-catching… alluring…

i’ll be following it to see how many impressions and clicks it receives!!!!

nothin like a bit of free advertising eh?

May 26th, 2010

(clicky to see non-squisified version)

Above is the happy lovely third time I saw my very own design featured in the sidebars of Facebook advertising for cafepress! How cool is THAT!??! That they’re using *my* design to advertise on facebook for me!!!! hahaha! That explains why my sales keep coming in lil bursts here and there… too funny!!

Happy Christmas all!! <3

December 25th, 2009

Happy Christmas! Andy had to wake me up today — I woke up with a cold/snuffly nose yesterday and though usually I am the one flushing toilets pre-dawn to wake the house up on Christmas morning, this year I got to open my christmas presents in bed! Good times — though it made me wish I got a glass of coca-cola over ice for a present 😉 Cause I’m just now starting to wake up (couple hours later)…

Things Santa/Andy brought me — some knitting/crochet books, needles, a Polamalu jersey (steelers player — my favorite one), osu shirt/jersey and the James Dean pic/poster that I have been trying to find for about 5 years now. Ever since I saw it in Red Robin (restaurant) — I have been searching trying to find it… and somehow Andy found it —

fabulous isn’t it?

I know right? I don’t know exactly what it is about this picture that captures me, but knowing more about him really makes me see the playfulness and the shyness in this picture. I just love it. Now to find a frame!

(p.s. the <3 is a heart)


October 17th, 2009

so yesterday all of a sudden my cafepress sales start multiplying… and I’m thinking “Cool! The Christmas rush has started early this year — yay”…

and today they kept popping up and popping up, more and more notifications of sales…. so I was like “hmmmmm someone/something MUST have made mention of my design somewhere….” so I began to Google…


i’m famous!!!

the infamous Yarn Harlot (a knitting blogger/writer/celebrity) has mentioned me in her blog — thousands of ppl read her books and blog — and now they’re ordering my “I Knit so i don’t kill people” shirts/mugs/bags

how COOL is THAT!!!!!

that’s the good news — but unfortunately I discovered this at ohhhh 2:30am, so now I probably won’t get to sleep cause my brain will be awake all night going “wooooot!!! the Yarn Harlot!!! mentioned my shirt!!! zomg did you see that!! I can’t believe it!!”

there are days where i’m SURE this is true especially of Tater…

October 1st, 2009


Fab birth-day/week…

September 16th, 2009

Drove back yesterday from Georgia — had a great visit with Katie and Dave and “Lizbits” (love hanging out with that lil girl)

On my bday we went to see The Hangover — awesome film — very very funny — it was great, Dave and I were the only ones in the movie theater — then we went to Barnes and Noble bookstore to wander around — then cupcakes with Miss Lizbits and her singing to me after a delicious meal out — pad Thai is my fave!!

cooking up a storm…

September 7th, 2009

well today was fun — Katie and I made up a big batch of egg rolls (alot of which were sampled for quality assurance purposes of course!!) and in the middle of that I let Katie take over the entire egg roll operation while I cleaned and halved 2 punnets of strawberries for the first pie….

then after all the egg rolls were done and cooling… it was time to try out a new recipe — Coconut Cream Pie!!

I’ll keep you posted — let you know how it turned out… was an easy recipe (I followed it but also used the notes of the first person’s comments)

how to “pull a kiki”…

August 24th, 2009

now for my british friends, I do not mean “pull” as in “score a date with” lol …. “pulling a kiki” has come to have many meanings among my gaming friends… just for example, running a dungeon without checking how many mana water potions you have (and thenceforth running out mid-dungeon) but the biggest use of the phrase has got to be — falling from a great height and dying. I have become somewhat of an artist in this regard… truly… I have fallen from bridges, from balconies, off cliffs, even off the edge of the world… probably my greatest coup de grace was the other night when I fell off Delaran (a city suspended in the air) — now if you played WoW (World of Warcraft) you might ask “how the hell precisely does one fall off Delaran????” and the answer, discovered by my good self, is: you travel through the sewer pipes and as you are navigating them, it appears as though you’re going over a hill, but no — the pipe just kind of ENDS… and there you are, falling through air… and splattttt. dead.

Now the funniest thing about this is that I even possess a skill that works somewhat like a parachute… it’s called Levitate and if I could stop laughing when these falls occur long enough to activate it, I would probably survive them… but — it’s so much funnier than I can handle… especially when I discover new and rare ways to accomplish it.

Snap back to real life now… we went to see District 9 at the movies… (excellent movie by the way — very interesting) and got bargain tickets for going early, bargain drink and popcorn with our loyalty point rewards… Andy is carrying the large drink and I’m carrying the large (almost overflowing) popcorn — he will eat it but he doesn’t really like the smell… go figure. Anyhow… picture the interior of a dark movie theater, climbing the steps slowly… I somehow manage to trip just a tiny little bit, jarring the popcorn and scaring me *just* enough to panic and for reflexes to kick in and for me to brace myself… Begin slow-motion… I go down onto one knee on the step above where i am and the popcorn begins a wonderful cloud upwards around my body… I begin to laugh because it’s so pretty and funny at the same time… Slow-motion ends and all the popcorn drops to the floor in a big pool around me — I’m unhurt and laughing still…

thank goodness I pulled the kiki *up* the stairs not *down*… I somehow suspect there would be significantly less laughter if that had happened….

the Shipwreck Shawl is finished…

August 20th, 2009

I have been working on this amazing knitting project — as my first lace project… talk about adventurous!shipwreckBIG The Shipwreck Shawl

I started it in mid-May and just finished on Tuesday…. mine is currently a cream color, with purple beads…. soon to be a purple color, with purple beads…. Brian and I (knitting friend) are going to be dyeing them soon hopefully — I want to wear it out for my bday!!

Happy Anniversary Luv

August 14th, 2009

you beat me to it — and omg where did you dig that pic up from hahaha — we’ve definitely got the “in sickness” part down — here’s hoping that the next 10 include some “in health” parts….