Kristen is no longer in quarantine!

Posted on August 5th, 2009 in OurNews,RealLife by Andy

HalfLife 2 Ep.2 Borealis Ship is a product of Aperture Science (by The_Roc)

Kristen was due to go into quarantine for the next 10 days as she undergoes tests to ensure that the cancer in her thyroid has completely gone. They give her some radioactive iodine to swallow which means she is not allowed to be near people.

It now turns out that the isotope she is going to be given is type 123 which does not need the quarantine as opposed to type 132 (I think) that does, so all those changes to her schedule that she made were not necessary, but at least she doesn’t have to lock herself away in her room for 10 days.

On the downside, she has no reason to play half life anymore (hahaha). I mentioned this to Kristen whilst she was taking a drink last night and she almost snorted it out of her nose – it’s great to be married to a geek girl who got the joke 😉

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