Sometimes Daylight Savings Time can be useful

Posted on March 14th, 2010 in RealLife by Andy

This morning is about the only time I’ve been relieved we have the Spring Forward version of Daylight Savings Time. I woke up at about half past three this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I eventually got up – the great thing about DST is that it was really half past four so it wasn’t such a bad time to get up (keep thinking positive)…

Due to the lack of sleep, I found it especially funny when Frankie decides to join me in the shower – the crazy thing is that I’m sure he’d have stayed in there if I hadn’t shouted at him to get out. He also protested a little bit too much when I went to towel him down and get him dry, but after a couple of attempts at chasing him around the kitchen he eventually settled down and purred like crazy whilst I petted him with the towel. Unfortunately I don’t think Basil would be as keen to get in the shower which is a shame as of all the cats, he is the one who needs a shower the most. However, he’s also the least likely to be able to jump out of a slippery bath tub.

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