Back to the zoo.

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on this website due to a variety of reasons. However, I’ve worked tons of overtime this week so I decided to take the day off, enjoy the gorgeous weather and relax at the zoo. I picked up the camera and spent about 4 hours at the zoo. I was pleased with the shots I did manage to take, although a lot of them had to be through glass. Some of the animals were not cooperating today, but as I got a zoo membership I’ll now be back taking more photos in the future. I’ve not been to the zoo for about two years, so today I got to see the “baby” elephant who is now 19 months old, the polar bear exhibit and a very cute baby bonobo.  Didn’t see any moose though!

I’ve also uploaded the photos to my Columbus Zoo 2010 skydrive account hosted on Microsoft (instead of flickr) as my flickr account is no longer pro. Let me know what you think of the Microsoft slideshow capabilities.



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2 responses to “Back to the zoo.”

  1. ione Avatar

    Fantastic pictures Andy.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Thanks Ione.

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