Replace windshield wipers -howto.

Posted on December 12th, 2010 in RealLife by Andy

For the first time ever, I’ve needed to change my windshield (or windscreen) wipers. Today it was snowing like crazy and my wipers decided to completely come off of the arm. Annoyingly I had to go back out in the snow to go get some wipers (which I had stupidly put off doing). After getting the wipers, I read the (useless) instructions on the back of the wipers and pushed the little tab down.  Nothing happened and there was no way these wipers were coming off.

One quick little youtube search and 53 seconds into this video I knew the secret. The tip was to rotate the blade and then pull down towards the windscreen.

Funny thing is that I wanted to support my local hardware shop, called up and asked  – “Do you sell car windshield wiper blades?”  I even made sure to specify windshield rather than windscreen blades.  They hadn’t a clue what I was on about, passed me to the electrical department who said they didn’t have any – I’d be very surprised if an electrical department stocked wiper blades.

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