Happy Anniversary Luv!

Posted on August 14th, 2009 in Events,OurNews,RealLife by Andy

It’s our tenth wedding anniversary today – time flies by so fast. We’re off to a nice restaurant tonight to celebrate. Thought I’d add one of my favourite photos from our wedding all those years ago.

Andy and Kristen leaving the reception through bubbles

Geocaching webpage updated.

Posted on March 7th, 2009 in Events by Andy

I’ve just updated my Geocaching blog to use WordPress now. Hopefully this year I’ll get to do more caching – I’ve already gone out caching more days this year than I did last year, so that is a good sign. Next weekend is pi day (3.14) and there is another geocaching pi day meet up. Hopefully the weather stays nice so I can go caching before or after the meeting.

British Invasion pictures uploaded too.

Posted on August 10th, 2008 in Events,photos by Andy

I’ve uploaded the photos from the British Invasion concert held in Dublin, Ohio from 27th July. The band plays a mixture of English hits such as the Beatles, Rolling stones etc. They are very good and also played at the Balloon glow last night too which was an added bonus.  For more information see the British Invasion Band website.

Balloons off Broadway 2008 pictures up.

Posted on August 10th, 2008 in Events,photos by Andy

Balloon Night Glow long exposureYesterday I went to Balloons off Broadway 2008 and took loads of photos. Some of them are uploaded to my Balloons off Broadway Flickr set  This was the first time I had been out shooting and filled up my (2gb) memory card. There were several factors to blame. The first was that I still had some old data on the card (oops!), I was shooting in RAW and jpg mode and finally I was taking advantage of the continuous shooting mode for the flames to get just the right effect. All of which meant a lot of space was used on the card and I eventually ran out. Thankfully not before the night glow had almost finished – some of the balloons were actually being deflated as I was finishing up.

The event was good but not as good as last year. It had grown drastically which meant a lot more people and as a result the traffic to get to the site was not fun. I was anxious as the balloons were meant to launch at 6.30 – I eventually got into the carpark at 6.25 and hurried to get to the launch only to find no balloons even remotely setup.  Eventually 4 balloons were inflated, but only for tethered rides AND we were all moved back out of the way of the balloons so were unable to get any good setup photos.  (Some people got away with ignoring the police and staying in the setup arena – next year I joked I’d setup some “official photographer” tshirts and flog them to all the photographers anxious to get in the field to get closeup photos.  I know this restriction is due to health and safety, but last year was so much more personal, informal and fun with some great opportunities to get real close to the balloonists as they setup and we were even able to help them pack up!

Due to the high wind, none of the balloons were launched which was a big disappointment to a lot of people, especially as no tannoy announcement was made, however it did mean that I didn’t have to worry about balloon chasing – trying to get OUT of the car park in a rush to follow the balloons would not have been possible.

Eventually about 8.30 the rest of the balloons were inflated – 2.5 hours after the event had started – ready for the night glow. This was fun and at this point I was able to get onto the field and take some close shots.  The balloonists loved to light up the flames for photographers. I narrowed down my 246 photos to 26 for Flickr.

Goodbyes :-(

Posted on June 8th, 2008 in Events,OurNews,photos by Andy

Saturday was sad as we had to say goodbye to the Velez’s who were going back to Oregon.  We caught up with them for breakfast in Panera.  Kristen gave Josiah a toy cellphone – almost identical to Tracey’s, which was a big hit. Hopefully the  noises it makes doesn’t drive them batty on the long drive.  We took several photos (start on flickr) which came out well. I was hoping my gorillapod would work, but the camera is too heavy for the lightweight gorillapod (it was the cheap $10 one – free at buy.com with the google checkout discount) so I had to use the pod’s legs to prop the lens up and hope that it was pointed in roughly the right direction.
The Velez's are leaving (by absoblogginlutely)

Jonathan Coulton concert with Paul and Storm

Posted on June 8th, 2008 in Events by Andy

Kristen had a brainwave a while back to go see Jonathan Coulton in concert in Cincinatti – I took Thursday afternoon off from work and we drove the long boring drive to Cincinatti.  The cool thing was that Kristen had volunteered our services to work on the merchandise table before and after the show so we got free entry and a chance to meet with the bands (although they were both spent time with the fans after the show).

Paul and Storm were absolutely hilarious – most of their songs are funny and some are just weird, some are just “huh?”. They also joined in with Jonathan’s songs too in the latter part of the concert – again some of his songs are rather strange (giant squids?) and some are just funny, but well worth going to the concerts if you can.

As we were sitting at the back of the theatre, none of my inside pictures came out very well although the video did remarkably well (although it would have been better with a tripod!).

Video of songs from each of them on youtube (18+) and a couple of photos on Flickr.

The best thing was that I also had Friday off so we went to see Ironman at the cinema which was really good – well worth seeing if you haven’t. We stayed right until the end of the credits for the “extra” and I was pretty disappointed – I was expecting some sort of blooper reel. We also saw the trailer for the Dark Knight film – looks really good too, and seeing as though my work’s nickname is Batman, I just have to go see it.

GoQuad races.

Posted on June 2nd, 2008 in Events,work by Andy

Work had a social on Saturday which mainly consisted of races around the office block on GoQuads – small gocarts. We all had a great time as can be seen in the videos on youtube and the photos on flickr of the qoquad races. In this clip Cesar didn’t stop in time….

And for a special treat for my work colleagues (and their roommates), watch Matt and Linda

Flickr Southern Theatre Tour

Posted on January 20th, 2008 in Events,flickr,FlickrMeetups,photos by Andy

I had a really good time at the Southern Theater yesterday with the Flickr Group – I think there was about 50-60 people there so you had to be careful about who you were stepping in front of but it was fun. I’ve not captioned the 60 photo’s I am in the process of uploading onto Flickr yet – that will be a project for this week. Everyone’s photos are available at cmhflickrmeet011908 – I recommend you subscribe to the rss feed to see the photos come in on your reader. The obligatory group photo shot was taken by Fensterbme as usual – Thanks!

I do have a picture of the day for yesterday and today but I won’t be able to upload them until after this batch gets uploaded so stay tuned.

New Years Eve TV.

Posted on January 2nd, 2008 in Events,Tater by Andy

Kristen has posted about her knitting and our cosy night in at home on New Years eve. What she didn’t mention is that we almost missed the ball drop in Times Square thanks to Tater. Earlier on in the week I had heard a crash and discovered that he had been climbing behind the tv and the rabbit ears aerial that we use had fallen over and I had put it back. What I hadn’t realised is that somehow the twin connections to the aerial socket on the tv had come loose thanks to his exploring so we had no reception at 23:59:15. So I spent the New Years countdown holding the two pieces of wire to the bare metal contacts so that Kristen could watch the tv whilst I peered around the set to see what was going on…..swine cat!