Jonathan Coulton concert with Paul and Storm

Posted on June 8th, 2008 in Events by Andy

Kristen had a brainwave a while back to go see Jonathan Coulton in concert in Cincinatti – I took Thursday afternoon off from work and we drove the long boring drive to Cincinatti.  The cool thing was that Kristen had volunteered our services to work on the merchandise table before and after the show so we got free entry and a chance to meet with the bands (although they were both spent time with the fans after the show).

Paul and Storm were absolutely hilarious – most of their songs are funny and some are just weird, some are just “huh?”. They also joined in with Jonathan’s songs too in the latter part of the concert – again some of his songs are rather strange (giant squids?) and some are just funny, but well worth going to the concerts if you can.

As we were sitting at the back of the theatre, none of my inside pictures came out very well although the video did remarkably well (although it would have been better with a tripod!).

Video of songs from each of them on youtube (18+) and a couple of photos on Flickr.

The best thing was that I also had Friday off so we went to see Ironman at the cinema which was really good – well worth seeing if you haven’t. We stayed right until the end of the credits for the “extra” and I was pretty disappointed – I was expecting some sort of blooper reel. We also saw the trailer for the Dark Knight film – looks really good too, and seeing as though my work’s nickname is Batman, I just have to go see it.