New Skydiving video uploaded

Posted on June 30th, 2011 in RealLife,vacation by Andy

For those of you who are not on facebook, you may not have realised that I had the awesome experience of jumping out of a plane last week. I was on vacation in the Outer Banks and was originally going to see if I could get a flight lesson above the Outer Banks to get some good aeriel photos and some more flying time booked. Unfortunately there did not seem to be any companies doing lessons so my search expanded and I found a site doing helicopter rides – something else I always wanted to do. However they also had a link to their sister site – and I was interested! Looking through the photos and videos I knew this is what I wanted to do. So I booked a jump session for the Thursday morning and had to wait 2 days. Early Thursday morning I got up far too early for a vacation and drove to Manteo and after watching a video, some brief training and I was in the air. The flight up to 9000′ was really cool as I got to see a fair amount of the Outer Banks as we flew up – unfortunately I couldn’t take any photos but you do see some views in the video below. Enjoy the film and if you get a chance – go skydiving.

MY kind of music.

Posted on November 3rd, 2008 in RealLife by Andy

Ione had  a blog post about her top 40 songs and invited others to post their music choice in.  I dredged through my memories to come up with the songs that I’ve enjoyed listening to in the past. I admit some very strange (and obscure) choices amongst them but I spent many an hour listening to them once I discovered the walkman!

I’m also including my choice here for my own reference and searchability (comment on Ione’s blog though please)

u2 – still haven’t found what i’m looking for – A favourite and also by Brussel Spaceship who miswrote it into “I still haven’t found the M&S store”

simple minds – dont you forget about me – an early tape with one of my favourite tracks – it just went on and on and on.

marillion – warm wet circles – On a mix tape a friend made for me at school.

meatloaf – bat out of hell/Dead ringer – fond memories of listening to this on my walkman at the top of a very steep hill having ridden UP on my mountain bike, drinking an ice cold coke and then TANKING down the hill again with this roaring in my ears.

abba – super trooper (I preferred the serious aardvarks version – Another greenbelt fav – The Serious Aardvarks played a punk version – at their last ever concert. I’ve not managed to find a copy and Google has one mention (now two) of the Serious Aardvarks.

The call – Let the day begin– introduced to this at greenbelt – awesome song when played loud and with lots of bass.

steve taylor – i want to be a clone– the whole concept is amusing to me. One I can just about get all the words out too.

petra – somebody’s gonna praise his name– Great tune, lyrics and a drum solo.

Jerusalem – Dancing on the Head of the Serpent – nice air guitar possible on this – woudl be fun on rockband.

Paul Young – toast – – a strange song.

queen – Gimme the prize– Highlander was one of my favourite films – probably because it was the first 15 certificate I saw.

b52’s – loveshack – A greenbelt fav – I had many good times in the youth tent enjoying the fun and messy games – this song and The Call’s was often played.

coldplay – clocks – (reminds me of our cruise as this was one of the name that tune questions)

otis redding – sitting on the dock of the bay – for my more mellow moments.

israel kamakawiwo’ole – over the rainbow– Another mellow song.

Nescafe’s I can see clearly now (Johnny Cash) – spanish version at – Not sure why but I liked the advert – I couldn’t find the english version so this is a terrible alternative.

sixpence none the richer – kiss me “our song” –

Happy Monday’s – Step On (Twistin’ My Melon) – played at the first party I went to paired with
KLF Justified and Ancient

Quireboys – Hey You – no idea how I came to like their stuff – friend at school I think.

Thanks for the memory jogger Ione – I also like a lot of the other songs mentioned by others but I’m running out of time and already spent about 90 minutes doing this! The funny thing is the music can’t be that bad as Winston has sat in front of the speakers throughout the whole period of reminiscing 😉