PS3 fun

Posted on March 15th, 2008 in shopping by Andy

Day 74 - Rockband and PS3 So after a very long week at work I needed to relax and we’d been thinking of getting an Xbox or PS3 and playing RockBand. We tried RockBand out in Best Buy earlier this week and it seemed like fun so last night I pooled my birthday money and savings and we got this set. We had a blast playing RockBand last night – Kristen is quite the drummer. The funny thing is that one person getting their stuff wrong will affect the other people in the game – if the guitar is out then the music cuts and you can miss the tune and hence the beat. If the drummer is off, then it’s hard to strum on time as the drum beat will put you off.  Even though neither of us read the manual on what we were meant to do we still had fun. I’ve now read the manual AND adjusted the tv so we get the full screen so we’ll be playing tonight for sure. Incidentally I went for the PS3 as it comes with the wifi adapter as part of the console as opposed to an add-on for the Xbox and it also has Ratchet and Clank so Kristen will be happy.

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