Swine bugs….

Posted on July 7th, 2009 in RealLife,shopping,summer by Andy

It’s been hot in the house the past couple of nights and last night it was really difficult to get to sleep. Kristen called the AC man out today and he arrived this afternoon which was nice. After looking at the unit inside and the thermostat he went outside to the unit that was not working (it was the other day). Taking the side off the electric work he quickly said “There’s your problem” – a bug had wedged itself between the contacts and shorted it out. A quick trip to turn the power off and as we were walking back to the house I said “Hope the bug died a slow and painful death” – especially as the stupid thing cost us $134 – about $90 of that was a call out charge and then “labour” for the 30 minutes he was here – would have been nice if the labour was included in the callout – hmmph…I guess I’m a little grumpy as it’s not quite called down enough yet.

Hurricane damage photos

Posted on September 21st, 2008 in RealLife,shopping,vacation by Andy

Another view along the trunkI’ve posted a few of the pictures of the trees that fell when Hurricane Ike blew through Ohio. The crazy thing is that North Carolina (that was meant to get the hurricanes earlier in the week) was hardly affected. Hopefully some tree surgeons will be here tomorrow and my insurance people will be talking to his insurance people. Hopefully they do bother to show up rather than go somewhere else as we need to talk to them about taking the other trees down.

I actually went and got an electric chain saw from Lowes yesterday to try and tidy up some of the damage. Amazingly they still had some saws left, but only a choice of 2 electric or 2 gas powered ones. As the electric was $60 and the gas ones $250 I got the electric (as we have power).  I was surprised at how well it works and was very pleased that I got it rather than a hand saw. It was a slight risk as the next time we have a storm we may not have power, but I figured that if we don’t have power it’s unlikely that I’m going to want to start chopping branches up anyway.

An awful Dyson

Posted on August 9th, 2008 in shopping by Andy

I purchased a Dyson DC18 last week on Woot and it has turned out to be the worst vacuum cleaner we’ve had (and the shortest lifetime). It didn’t even make it around one lap of the house before I had had enough and contacted woot for a returns number.  I’m not going to scare you with photos of the carpet after I had vacuumed as it looks awful. Stay away from Dysons, especially if you have (many) hairy cats.

PS3 fun

Posted on March 15th, 2008 in shopping by Andy

Day 74 - Rockband and PS3 So after a very long week at work I needed to relax and we’d been thinking of getting an Xbox or PS3 and playing RockBand. We tried RockBand out in Best Buy earlier this week and it seemed like fun so last night I pooled my birthday money and savings and we got this set. We had a blast playing RockBand last night – Kristen is quite the drummer. The funny thing is that one person getting their stuff wrong will affect the other people in the game – if the guitar is out then the music cuts and you can miss the tune and hence the beat. If the drummer is off, then it’s hard to strum on time as the drum beat will put you off.  Even though neither of us read the manual on what we were meant to do we still had fun. I’ve now read the manual AND adjusted the tv so we get the full screen so we’ll be playing tonight for sure. Incidentally I went for the PS3 as it comes with the wifi adapter as part of the console as opposed to an add-on for the Xbox and it also has Ratchet and Clank so Kristen will be happy.


Posted on February 9th, 2008 in shopping by Andy

Kristen and I came back to our hose this afternoon and got distracted by a cafepress box that was waiting on the doorstep. We opened it and she was pleased with her “I knit….So I don’t kill people” mug and tshirt.  We’re holding the coffee mug and Kristen asks me “So why did we come back to the house?”.  I couldn’t remember why and then Kristen remembered it was to get some coffee to brew at her parents house.  The funny thing is that she was holding a coffee cup whilst asking me the question.  We both had a good laugh and then proceeded to make the coffee – this afternoons flavour was Coconut Cream pie – I thought it smelt like the pie, but like most flavoured coffees didn’t actually taste like it (but was very nice though).

I won a wallet this week.

Posted on January 27th, 2008 in shopping by Andy

I had a nice surprise to see that I had won week3 of Lifehack’s competition to win a dbclay wallet (worth $48).  They look pretty cool so I’m really looking forward to seeing what the new one is like. I’ll be posting pictures when it arrives. They have another round this week so hurry up if you’d like a chance to win a wallet too.

Warranty on chairs.

Posted on December 27th, 2007 in shopping by Andy

Kristen's ChairKristen wants a comfy chair for her sewing/knitting room and so last week when I was off we went out to see what was available. In one of the shops all the goods had a sign on them that stated they had a lifetime warranty. Yet curiously enough they had flyers at the sales desk for a 3 and a 7 year extended warranty. So it really makes wonder what the value of the lifetime warranty is…..

We’ve not actually got the chair yet – just waiting for some funds to arrive. I did however ensure that Kristen got a chair for Christmas……