Hurricane damage photos

Another view along the trunkI’ve posted a few of the pictures of the trees that fell when Hurricane Ike blew through Ohio. The crazy thing is that North Carolina (that was meant to get the hurricanes earlier in the week) was hardly affected. Hopefully some tree surgeons will be here tomorrow and my insurance people will be talking to his insurance people. Hopefully they do bother to show up rather than go somewhere else as we need to talk to them about taking the other trees down.

I actually went and got an electric chain saw from Lowes yesterday to try and tidy up some of the damage. Amazingly they still had some saws left, but only a choice of 2 electric or 2 gas powered ones. As the electric was $60 and the gas ones $250 I got the electric (as we have power).  I was surprised at how well it works and was very pleased that I got it rather than a hand saw. It was a slight risk as the next time we have a storm we may not have power, but I figured that if we don’t have power it’s unlikely that I’m going to want to start chopping branches up anyway.



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