Swine bugs….

Posted on July 7th, 2009 in RealLife,shopping,summer by Andy

It’s been hot in the house the past couple of nights and last night it was really difficult to get to sleep. Kristen called the AC man out today and he arrived this afternoon which was nice. After looking at the unit inside and the thermostat he went outside to the unit that was not working (it was the other day). Taking the side off the electric work he quickly said “There’s your problem” – a bug had wedged itself between the contacts and shorted it out. A quick trip to turn the power off and as we were walking back to the house I said “Hope the bug died a slow and painful death” – especially as the stupid thing cost us $134 – about $90 of that was a call out charge and then “labour” for the 30 minutes he was here – would have been nice if the labour was included in the callout – hmmph…I guess I’m a little grumpy as it’s not quite called down enough yet.

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