3 years.

Today we’re celebrating the 3rd year anniversary of moving to the USA. The past three years have flown by and so many things have changed since we’ve been here. I’m not sure that celebrating is the correct word to use, but we’re marking the occasion.  We plan to go to a really nice chinese restaurant tonight and have roast duck for dinner – yum!

The funny thing is that often people ask me if I miss the UK (it’s normally the next question after “Are you from Australia?”) and most of the things that I miss are food. We still haven’t found a recipe for cornish pasties and I think we worked out what went wrong with the Yorkshire Puddings last week – the wrong kind of flour apparently.  I keep in touch with family via skype and email so hear from Mum and Dad most weekends.

This week we’re going to sign to get our basement waterproofed. I got fed up with mopping out the basement every time it rained so we’re having some guys come in and put some proper drainage in – hopefully this will allow us to use the basement for an office or home theatre or something other than storage – it’s an expensive process and likely to be pretty messy – I know that the cats are not going to enjoy the noise!

Speaking of cats you have got to watch this engineers guide to cats – very funny.

In other news, there hasn’t really been much change in Kristen’s eyes – she still has some trouble seeing but it doesn’t stop her knitting!





2 responses to “3 years.”

  1. Jonathan B Avatar
    Jonathan B

    That was going to be mildly amusing….until it got to cat yodeling. I think you and Kristen should try for a duet of that.

  2. ione Avatar

    Hi Andy I don`t seem to have a problem with this page of your blog. Did you find anything? Cant` you buy Aunt Bessies yorkshire puddings over there then? Do you really not miss this fair isle?

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