New car (to us)

The new car! (by absoblogginlutely) I forgot to post in the blog (Kristen beat me to it) that we have a new car – bHelsbyBug. This name came about after a guy at Siemens used to call me beHelsbyBub – something I thought rather amusing, and therefore the car is now known as this too. Pictures of bHelsbyBug are uploaded at Flickr. This link will have more pictures as we take them. I was going to take the car out this afternoon to various places around Dublin to get some shots – but no sooner had I finished working in the house, it starts to get very very windy and a storm is about to blow in. has started – it’s now thundering – no rain just yet.

The rest of the day it has been roasting – I’ve been working in the cats room putting in the (almost) finishing touches to the baseboard (skirting board for the uk readers) and trim on the floor. I only have the caulking to go now to cover up the few gaps from the incredibly uneven walls. For those of you ever considering replacing the skirting board, get a proper nail gun – it works great.  I borrowed mine from one of the guys at work and it really made a difference in getting the trim in tight to the walls and very quickly too – highly recommended.



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    it`s freezing here

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