The toilet’s fixed.

Posted on August 17th, 2008 in diy by Andy

A couple of weeks ago I finally decided to investigate our phantom flushing toilet. As the toilets in the US are nothing like the UK (really they are not!) I looked on youtube for some help. The first answer was to brush the rubber flapper seal to get rid of the crud that had gathered on the seal.  I tried that, but all that happened was that my hands got covered in black stuff due to the rubber disintegrating – so if you try this and get black hands, you might as well stop as it’s not going to work.

So the next stop, two weeks later (today) was to take the old flapper off and get a replacement….Took me a while, but I eventually snapped the flapper attachment off the base unit, wrapped it in a bag and went to Lowes. I’m glad I took the old unit with me as I didn’t realise there were so many different types of flappers. It didn’t help that there were two versions of the American Standard (which is a bit of an oxymoron if there are two standards) flapper – it turned out I had type number 5 – but only by comparing the units shape and size.  However I then found that I could buy just the flapper seal itself. So risking this not solving the issue I purchased it, took it home and pulled the old seal off – note to anyone else looking at doing this – when the seal pops off it will spray water and rubber everywhere….I think I cleaned it all up…

Couple of seconds later the new seal was on and the toilet hasn’t flushed itself since. Saved me a plumbers bill, water and a new toilet – thanks to Kristen for putting up with the tank lid off for so long!

New car (to us)

Posted on June 21st, 2008 in bHelsbybug,diy,photos by Andy

The new car! (by absoblogginlutely) I forgot to post in the blog (Kristen beat me to it) that we have a new car – bHelsbyBug. This name came about after a guy at Siemens used to call me beHelsbyBub – something I thought rather amusing, and therefore the car is now known as this too. Pictures of bHelsbyBug are uploaded at Flickr. This link will have more pictures as we take them. I was going to take the car out this afternoon to various places around Dublin to get some shots – but no sooner had I finished working in the house, it starts to get very very windy and a storm is about to blow in. has started – it’s now thundering – no rain just yet.

The rest of the day it has been roasting – I’ve been working in the cats room putting in the (almost) finishing touches to the baseboard (skirting board for the uk readers) and trim on the floor. I only have the caulking to go now to cover up the few gaps from the incredibly uneven walls. For those of you ever considering replacing the skirting board, get a proper nail gun – it works great.  I borrowed mine from one of the guys at work and it really made a difference in getting the trim in tight to the walls and very quickly too – highly recommended.