Posted on April 22nd, 2012 in RealLife by Andy

Can’t believe I haven’t posted since October on here, but I guess thats because most of the people I know are on Facebook – so that is where most of my updates are.
Since the last post I had a great 5k run, tore my meniscus on my right knee, had knee surgery and started to run again with a 10k and a 15k race completed (the latter today) all in training for a half marathon on May 5th – so if you want to follow my runnning antics, then take a look at my new blog Why Outrun The Bear?

Would you like to sponsor my first 5k Run?

Posted on October 18th, 2011 in RealLife by Andy

Logo for Tyler's Home Run 5k

Tyler Burchett's 5k Home Run

So I’m almost ready to run my first 5k Run on Oct 29th in aid of Tyler Burchett, the son of a work friend who suddenly became paralyzed through Myelitis a couple of months ago. The run is a fundraiser to help support the family with medical bills and home modifications.

So, if you’d like to sponsor me and will see me in person before (or shortly after) Oct 29th 2011 then I’ll gladly pass your donation on. If you are not going to see me in person but still want to sponsor me or donate to help this family then you can use this paypal link

(Note that the money will go into my account which I will then transfer to the Burchett family – You will have to trust me on this – it was the best way of reducing the credit card fees. Incidentally if you have a paypal balance there are no fee’s. Otherwise there is a small credit card fee that I will cover up to the first $1000 of donations if you do not wish to pay the credit card fee – let me know on the sponsor form)

If you are a runner in the Columbus,OH area and want to run a 5k to support a local family then there is still time to sign up at the official race page – all the race fee’s have been covered through corporate sponsorship so your race fee goes directly to help the family.

Thank you!