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My Flickr and Geocaching greasemonkey script updated.

I have updated my Geocaching.com to Flickr greasemonkey script to work with the new geocache id’s. To install go to userscripts with a greasemonkey enabled browser to show links to Flickr from the Geocaching website as per the screenshot below.
Screenshot of geocaching.com website showing link to flickr page
For more technical information see my blog postings with the tag geocache2flickr
For those of you who don’t have greasemonkey installed yet, this allows you to download scripts that tweak the layout of normal websites to do various things such as add extra links, remove adverts etc. Greasemonkey can be downloaded from Mozilla addon site

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  1. NN says:

    cheers Andy,

    well, I recently got into gc and just patched your 0.2 version to accommodate all possible GC-ids (older as newer ones) – just to see that you did so a few days ago ^^ Nice work 🙂


    var warningFormat = document.getElementById(“NumVisits”);
    warningFormat.innerHTML = warningFormat.innerHTML + ‘ | Flickr‘;

    might be/look a little slicker.

    kind regards


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